St Jude's
Catholic Church

GUMDALE, Qld. 4154


Mass Times

  • 7:00am



  • 1948 - Land was purchased for 220 pounds by Father Nolan.
  • Mass was conducted by the Assistant Priest, Father Dan Carroll in the local hall which was also used as a cinema. (Canvas seats and posters of film stars for the coming attactions adorning the walls)
  • Father Brosnan who replaced Father Nolan said if Gumdale parishioners would guarantee 10 pounds a week in the second collection, they could plan for a Church - a neat simple building.
  • Father O'Hallaran replaced Father Brosnan and four days after he started in the parish gave the go ahead for the new church.
  • 1964 - Archbishop Duhig who was confined to a wheel chair officially blessed the St Jude's War Memorial Church.